Lancashire Dairies: A Day in the Life of a Dairy Farmer

April 15, 2020 | BY Alston Dairy

Lancashire Dairies: A Day in the Life of a Dairy Farmer

At Alston Dairy, all of our yogurt is produced on our farm in Preston, Lancashire. We are one of the hardest-working Lancashire dairies, bringing you the most delicious yogurts using fresh milk that is taken from cow to pot in just 24 hours. We also know that happy cows mean great-tasting milk, which also means great-tasting yogurt. Our cows are free to roam our fields for as much of the year as possible, keeping them healthy and happy. That said, we know that like many dairies in Lancashire, it all depends on the weather. Lancashire often gets quite a lot of rainy days, so sometimes we have to bring our cows indoors to stop them from getting too wet or cold. Our cows are kept to free range standards and we carry out health checks regularly on our stock.

For over 50 years we have milked our own herd of cows at our Lancashire dairy farm, so our cows are part of our extended family. We purchased our first cows in 1966, and since then we have only ever raised British Friesians because of their happy temperament and suitability for grazing our fields at our Lancashire dairy. 100% of the milk produced at our dairy in Lancashire goes into our home-made yogurts, so we don't have any food miles to think about. Our cows are milked twice a day, every day, all year round, and the milk they produce is often only a couple of hours old when we use it. Enjoy our delicious, traditional yogurts knowing they have been made with love, care and respect for the animals that have enabled us to make them.

A typical day at our Lancashire Dairy farm


Many dairy farmers begin their day early, and first on the agenda is milking the cows. Each cow spends around 10 minutes being milked, so it can take several hours to get around to everybody. After milking the cows, the morning feed goes out, so that the cows can enjoy their breakfast after milking. Our water troughs are also cleaned and replenished with clean water.


It's time to feed the baby calves! These little ladies all need bottles of warm milk, fresh water and straw for their pens to ensure that they grow big, strong and healthy.


Check on the cows again and rearrange their food. We can also assess how active each cow is being and whether they are healthy.


A dairy nutritionist arrives to assess the cows and their food. We work with dairy nutritionists to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need to be happy and healthy. We also work with a vet who checks on the herd for overall health, and especially our pregnant cows.


Milking begins again! Many Lancashire dairies milk their cows twice a day – some even three times. Milking sessions are often done twelve or so hours apart.


Time to feed the baby calves again with their hot bottles of milk. We also check on crops and feed for the cows to ensure everything is in order.





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