Dairy wholesalers services

July 6, 2020 | BY Alston Dairy

Dairy wholesalers services

At Ann Forshaw's Alston Dairy, we supply our customers with a wide range of yogurt products including Deluxe Vanilla Yogurt, Farmhouse Yogurt, Fat Free Yogurt, Greek Style Yogurt, Luxury Yogurt in a glass jar, Natural Fat Free Yogurt, Smooth Yogurt, and our sumptuous Thick and Creamy Yogurt. We pride ourselves on giving our customers plenty of choice, however you like your yogurts! We're also a dairy wholesaler and can provide a foodservice range, which has been developed especially for the needs of distributors supplying public services such as schools, hotels, hospitals and other facilities requiring wholesale yogurt products. Our foodservice range offers single and bulk sized options, available in 2kg, 4.5kg and 5kg sizes.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to be able to produce and package all of our yogurt products on our farm. With no costly transportation to another packaging warehouse to think about, our yogurts are as fresh as they can be, going from cow to pot in just 24 hours. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the freshest and most natural yogurt available. Whether you're after dairy wholesalers for a large scale business such as a hotel chain, or you're a small family-run business that wants to stock our products, we can offer delicious yogurt made with local, fresh ingredients.

We use milk from cows that are based right here on our farm, and 100% of the milk they produce goes into our yogurts – which is probably why they taste so good! Happy cows make delicious yogurts, and ours are free to roam our fields as much as possible throughout the year (weather permitting!). Since we started our business and bought our first cows back in 1966, we have grown our family business into one of the country's largest independent dairy wholesalers. In the early days, Alston Dairy had listings in James Hall – Spar (one of the largest wholesalers in the area), and from there we moved into becoming a dairy wholesaler ourselves. Success didn't come easy for us, though. Back in the day, our founder Ann would often be wheeling the churns and stacking the yogurt herself for the next day by hand very late into the night. We believe that it's this work ethic that has been the main key to our success – and the reason why we are one of the UK's leading dairy wholesalers.

We don't involve third parties, and always aim to produce the tastiest, most natural yogurt products for a competitive price. With us, you can receive all your dairy wholesale requirements direct from our farm, with prompt delivery, whenever you need it. We deliver our products to various restaurants, small and large businesses, hospitals, schools, academic institutions, clubs, catering venues and more, right across the country.

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We’re proud to be stocked in most major supermarkets as well as hospitals, hotels, schools, garden centres and many local dairy shops. If you can’t find our products, you can buy direct from Ann’s dairy shop.

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