Dairy Farmers &
producers of delicious traditional Yogurts.

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Passion for quality is the driving force behind our multi award winning speciality yogurt.


Ann now employs 20 staff and leads her team to take pride in the traditional handmade yogurts using only ingredients from trusted sources.


Yogurts with no added sugars (sweetened with apple juice), fully loaded luxury Farmhouse ‘Dessert’ yogurts and our low fat & tasty range.


All yogurts are produced with live cultures and are probiotic - they are also gluten free, suitable for celiacs, vegetarians and health conscious people.

The secret to great tasting yogurt

Ann Forshaw’s Alston Dairy is set amidst the rolling green hills of Longridge, within the Ribble Valley of Lancashire and is a long established Dairy Farm that has been rearing pure breed Friesian cows for over 40 years.

Starting out with just 20 cows we now have a 500 strong milking herd on the farm – the milk and cream produced is then used to create Ann Forshaw’s Yogurts.


Available to buy from selected Supermarkets

*Mainly in Lancashire and the North West

Our yogurts can also be found in hospitals, hotels, schools, garden centres and many local dairy shops. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can also go to Ann's dairy shop in person and buy direct.

Ann forshaws alston dairy cows

Community & Environment

Alston Dairy endeavours to be as environmentally friendly as possible, they recycle their packaging, they use energy efficient lighting throughout the production areas and they even have their own bore hole to water their cattle.

Local community is an integral part within the farming areas and Alston Dairy supports a number of district parish groups such as the local football & cricket teams, as well as the local schools and churches.